Irish Rural Link

30th January 2019

Irish Rural Link Urge Older People to Keep Safe and Warm during the Cold Weather Conditions

Irish Rural Link – the national network representing the interest of rural communities is urging older people to keep safe and keep warm during the cold weather over the next few days.

With snow in some parts of the country and freezing conditions expected to last for the coming days, we are urging older people to keep warm and avoid going out if at all possible.  Very often older people don’t leave heat on or keep fires going but they should keep house extra warm during this time and wear extra layers.

We ask that people that they call in on elderly neighbours to ensure they have enough fuel and food and not presume someone else is calling in on them.

We also urge older people to contact neighbours if they do need help with anything and not be afraid to ask and if they have a personal alarm to check it is working and have it on their person at all times.

People need to be extra mindful of older neighbours living on their own at this time.

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