Tuesdays in Askamore Activity Centre

These talks will re-commence from Tuesday, January 10th, with Rev. Arthur Minion giving a talk on diversity in its various forms. 8pm in Activity Centre, followed by our usual cup of tea. All are welcome.

Spring 2012 in Askamore

Social Tuesdays in Askamore Activity Centre – Spring 2012 Schedule:


Below is our line-up of talks for the next few weeks:

Tuesday: January 17th: John Byrne of J & R Eco Cleaning Products and Services will give a talk and demonstration…and tea

Tuesday, January 24th: Michael Collins …and tea

Tuesday, January 31st: Gárda Sgt. Ferritter, will talk on how to feel more secure in your own home…and tea.

Tuesday, February 7th: Self Care and Positive Mental Health. Denis O’Connor of Console will talk about how society has changed – its impact on people and community, what may happen if we don’t look after our emotional well-being and the consequences and impact of living stressful lives…and tea

Tuesday, February 14th: Suitable for the day that’s in it!…and tea

Tuesday, February 21st: Ivan Kelly will talk on volunteerism and its impact on and importance to all communities…and tea

Tuesday, February 28th: Kevin Lee will give a talk on the big houses of the Fitzwilliam middlemen who lived locally.

Talks continue to Tuesday March 27th.

8pm nightly      €3 per person

Glad you found us-tell us what you think

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