Final Tuesday talk in Askamore Activity Centre for 2011/2012 season

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Fr. Willie Howell gave a very interesting talk tonight on life as a Christian, with particular reference to the sacrament of Baptism.


History of South Wicklow – Our Tuesday Talk in Askamore – March 13th

On Tuesday evening of next week, March 13th, we will host an illustrated talk on the history of south Wicklow. This talk, which will be presented by Kevin Lee, will outline the establishment of Protestant colony in south Wicklow and part of north Wexford by the Watson-Wentworth family during the late 17th and early 18th centuries.
Kevin will explain how the human landscape as we know it today was created at this time. The newly arrived settlers built ditches and enclosed the land into the fields that form today’s patchwork kaleidoscope.

The large farmhouses belonging to middlemen tenants such as Umrigar House, Tombreane House Hillbrook and Ballyellis House were built at this time by newly arrived families such as the Symes, Braddells and Swans.

New or rebuilt churches at locations such as Coolkenna, Carnew and Kilcommon also date from this period.

The lecture will include an artistic re-creation of Carnew as it appeared in 1728.

Come along to find out more about your local area.

Tuesday Night Talks

We are close to the end of our Tuesday night talks in the Activity Centre in Askamore.

Tonight’s speaker is former TD Tony Dempsey, who will talk on changes in rural Ireland –closure of local schools, Post office & Police stations,  and following the talk, people will have an opportunity to take part in a question and answer session.

As usual there is the social cuppa and chat upstairs afterwards.

Activity Centre Tuesday Night Talk

Tonight, John Byrne of Bolinrush, and J & R Eco Cleaning Products and Services, gave a very comprehensive talk and demonstration of the various cleaning products which he is selling locally. They are all eco-friendly products and don’t contain any hazardous chemicals. In fact they contain no chemicals at all. Cleaning everything from your windows to your car has just become easier.

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