Thursday night talk and demonstration – chalk paint

chalk paint
Would you like to update your older furniture and give it a completely new look? If so, chalk paint could be your hero!
Come along to this demo and talk to find out all the details.
This coming Thursday, October 16th, Ann Kenny will give a demonstration on the many uses of chalk paint and how to get top results to give yourself a total furniture makeover quickly and with a huge range of colours.
Askamore Activity Centre – 8 pm. €4 including refreshments

Talk on Ferns Tapestry

Stephanie Breen and Aileen Kavanagh gave a very interesting slideshow and talk on the tapestry on Tuesday last.

Stephanie did the art work for the tapestry and both Aileen and her mother Kathy Kavanagh were involved in stitching some of the 25 panels making up this work.

Stephanie Breen, Kathy and Aileen Kavanagh

Stephanie Breen, Kathy and Aileen Kavanagh

The Visitors’ Centre is open from end of May to end of September from 10a.m. to 6p.m., seven days a week. Guided tours of the adjacent Castle are given daily by enthusiastic OPW staff.

For more information on the tapestry and when to see it visit here.

Your Community, Your Park

This Tuesday, October 23rd, sees the start of the Autumn Tuesday night talks in Askamore Activity Centre.

The first talk will focus on information on the newly grant-aided Askamore Community Park.

The park, which is due to start soon, will have facilities for every age within the community – children’s playground, adult gym equipment, labyrith / meditation space, gardens, picnic areas….and more.

Come along this Tuesday to hear about this exciting development in Askamore.

Tuesday night talks in Askamore

Our Tuesday night talks begin again this Tuesday in Askamore Activity Centre. There is a change this year in that there will be hands-on craft nights – for everyone – when you can make something and bring it home at the end of the night. Each night there will also be the usual cuppa and chat.

This is the run-down of the Tuesdays up to Christmas. Come along, meet your neightbours and support your local community.

8pm nightly

Tuesday, October 23rd: Your Community, Your Park Get all the details of this exciting new development. Come along and hear exactly what’s going to be in the new Askamore Community Park – to suit all ages and interests … and tea
Tuesday, October 30th: Diabetes – signs, symptoms and management. Jenny Dunbar, Diabetes Nurse and Regional Development Officer in mid Leinster area for HSE and Diabetes Ireland will present on the different types of diabetes, who is at risk, etc …and tea
Tuesday: November 6th: Craft Night: with Noreen Moloney. Come along, use your hands and bring home something nice with you…and tea
Tuesday, November 13th: Monsignor Don Kenny. Mgr Kenny will talk on forgiveness …followed by tea
Tuesday, November 20th: Craft Night: with Noreen Moloney. Come along, use your hands and bring home something nice with you… and tea
Tuesday, November 27th: John Lonergan will talk on pride of place and sense of community … and tea
Tuesday, December 4th: Health Talk: … and tea
Tuesday, December 11th: Craft Night: with Noreen Moloney. Come along, use your hands and bring home something nice with you…and tea
Tuesday, December 18th: Christmas social / party

History of South Wicklow – Our Tuesday Talk in Askamore – March 13th

On Tuesday evening of next week, March 13th, we will host an illustrated talk on the history of south Wicklow. This talk, which will be presented by Kevin Lee, will outline the establishment of Protestant colony in south Wicklow and part of north Wexford by the Watson-Wentworth family during the late 17th and early 18th centuries.
Kevin will explain how the human landscape as we know it today was created at this time. The newly arrived settlers built ditches and enclosed the land into the fields that form today’s patchwork kaleidoscope.

The large farmhouses belonging to middlemen tenants such as Umrigar House, Tombreane House Hillbrook and Ballyellis House were built at this time by newly arrived families such as the Symes, Braddells and Swans.

New or rebuilt churches at locations such as Coolkenna, Carnew and Kilcommon also date from this period.

The lecture will include an artistic re-creation of Carnew as it appeared in 1728.

Come along to find out more about your local area.

Tuesday Night Talks

We are close to the end of our Tuesday night talks in the Activity Centre in Askamore.

Tonight’s speaker is former TD Tony Dempsey, who will talk on changes in rural Ireland –closure of local schools, Post office & Police stations,  and following the talk, people will have an opportunity to take part in a question and answer session.

As usual there is the social cuppa and chat upstairs afterwards.