Community Council Funding Appeal 2014

Opening Le Cheile Park LK (10) (Small)

Askamore Community Council is now at the end of its first year of fundraising which allowed the Council to keep up repayments on a loan of just over €50,000. This loan covered the new Park (local contribution to the €150,000 cost of the Park was just over €37,000), plus the balance on the refurbishment of the old squash court in the Hall to provide the Activity Centre meeting rooms. The debt is now approximately €38,000, which is due to the support received locally through people like yourselves agreeing to pay €10 monthly. Considering that over €1.3 million euro worth of developments have taken place in Askamore since 2005 (Childcare, Hall refurbishment, Le Chéile Park being the major projects) this debt is not a lot when you take into account the facilities Askamore now has.

Askamore Community Council would like to encourage you to please continue this commitment for one more year, starting from March 2014. This will again allow the Council to cut its debt by over €10,000, which should then be down to below €27,000 by this time next year.There will then be a  change of direction as to the type of fundraising that’s being done, but  this coming year is needed to put new financial plans into place.

Some of you have already committed to the second year and we are extremely grateful for this commitment to our work for the local community.

There is a lot of work ongoing in the Community Centre and there are further projects which are being investigated for their value to the community. There is a funding commitment needed to keep the work of the Council going and the work to date could not have happened with the help and financial support of the local community.

If you would like to make a contribution of any type, please contact a Community Council member.

Support your local community.

Tuesday night talks in Askamore

Our Tuesday night talks begin again this Tuesday in Askamore Activity Centre. There is a change this year in that there will be hands-on craft nights – for everyone – when you can make something and bring it home at the end of the night. Each night there will also be the usual cuppa and chat.

This is the run-down of the Tuesdays up to Christmas. Come along, meet your neightbours and support your local community.

8pm nightly

Tuesday, October 23rd: Your Community, Your Park Get all the details of this exciting new development. Come along and hear exactly what’s going to be in the new Askamore Community Park – to suit all ages and interests … and tea
Tuesday, October 30th: Diabetes – signs, symptoms and management. Jenny Dunbar, Diabetes Nurse and Regional Development Officer in mid Leinster area for HSE and Diabetes Ireland will present on the different types of diabetes, who is at risk, etc …and tea
Tuesday: November 6th: Craft Night: with Noreen Moloney. Come along, use your hands and bring home something nice with you…and tea
Tuesday, November 13th: Monsignor Don Kenny. Mgr Kenny will talk on forgiveness …followed by tea
Tuesday, November 20th: Craft Night: with Noreen Moloney. Come along, use your hands and bring home something nice with you… and tea
Tuesday, November 27th: John Lonergan will talk on pride of place and sense of community … and tea
Tuesday, December 4th: Health Talk: … and tea
Tuesday, December 11th: Craft Night: with Noreen Moloney. Come along, use your hands and bring home something nice with you…and tea
Tuesday, December 18th: Christmas social / party