Askamore Squash League – Spring 2013 Semi-Finals and Final

TEAM F                            TEAM C

Colm Buttle         v           Robert Tomkins (c)

David Quinn        v           Mick Doran

Aidan Travers (c) v         Kieran Lancaster

Joe Doyle            v          Billy Molloy

Colm Finn           v           James Sullivan


TEAM E                             TEAM B

John Harte           v              Matthew O’Hara

Thomas Buttle     v              Timmy Collins

Willie Collins        v               Raymond O’Neill (c)

Eugene Sheridan (c)  v        Jamie Quinn

Paddy Whelan          v           John Molloy


Semi-finals take place on Monday, March 11th and Tuesday March 12th.

Final takes place on Friday, March 15th


Askamore Spring Squash League Final 2012 Results

Congratulations to the team of Matthew O’Hara, David Quinn, Padraig Bailey, William Collins and Chris Turner on winning the Spring League Final 2012

Team A  Points  Aces            Team C  Points  Aces
Tom Breen 1 17  v      Matthew O’Hara 3 32
Mick Doran        0 25  v      David Quinn  3 29
Paul Radford (Capt) Sub: R. Lancaster 1 25  v     Padraig Bailey 3 31
Raymond O’Neill 0 14  v      Willie Collins (Capt) 3 27
Breda Turner






 v      Chris Turner







Askamore Spring Squash League Semi–Finals 2012 Results

  Team F  Points  Aces            Team C  Points  Aces
 John Harte (Capt) 3 27  v      Matthew O’Hara 0 14
 Ger Turner        3 31  v      David Quinn  1 22
Noel Bergin 2 41  v     Padraig Bailey 3 39
John Donohoe 0 16  v      Willie Collins (Capt) 3 27
James O’Sullivan 0 3  v      Chris Turner 3 27


8 118


10 129
              Team A  Points  Aces           Team E  Points  Aces
Tom Breen 0 8  v   Richard Cosgrave 3 36
Mick Doran 3 27  v   Gerard Kinsella 0 36
Paul Radford (Capt) 3 41  v    Paul Buttle 2 11
Raymond O’Neill 1 23  v    Raymond Lancaster 3 28
Breda Turner 3 27  v    Paddy Whelan 0 42


10 126


8 124

Final: C v A, Friday, March 2nd 8pm

Askamore Spring Squash League Semi–Finals 2012

Monday 27th February 2012

Team F                                                                     Team C

John Harte (Capt)                  V                           Matthew O’Hara

Ger Turner                             V                           David Quinn

Noel Bergin                            V                           Padraig Bailey

John Donohoe                        V                          Willie Collins (Capt)

James Sullivan                       V                           Chris Turner


Tuesday 28th February 2012

Team A                                                                  Team E

Tom Breen                             V                           Richard Cosgrave

Mick Doran                             V                           Gerard Kinsella

Paul Radford (Capt)              V                           Paul Buttle

Raymond O’Neill                    V                          Raymond Lancaster(Capt)

Breda Turner                         V                           Paddy Whelan


Final takes place on Friday 2nd March 2012

Askamore Squash League Teams – Spring 2012

A     B
  Tom Breen       Billy Turner
  Mick Doran       James Tomkins (c) 
  Paul Radford (c)       Tommy Roche
  Raymond O’ Neill       Pa Byrne
  Breda Turner       Billy Molloy
C     D
  Matthew O’ Hara       Robert Tomkins
  David Quinn       Thomas Buttle
  Padraig Bailey       Noel McSweeney  (c)
  Willie Collins (c)       Paddy O’ Doherty
  Chris Turner       Eugene Sheridan
  E     F
  Richard Cosgrave       John Harte  (c)
  Ger Kinsella       Ger Turner
  Paul Buttle       Noel Bergin
  Raymond Lancaster (c)       John Donohoe
  Paddy Whelan       James Sullivan
G     H
  Frank Boggan (c)       Pat Kilbride
  Paddy Tomkins       Nicky Byrne
  Kieran Lancaster       Brian Buttle (c)
  Paddy Comiskey       Aidan Travers
  Peter Lucas       Liam Finin
  Semi Finals – Monday 27th February and Tuesday 28th February
  Final – Friday 2nd March        

Askamore Xmas Squash League Final 2011 Results

  Team F  Points  Aces            Team C  Points  Aces
Billy Turner 1 20  v      John Harte    3 30
Ger Kinsella        3 31  v      James Tomkins 1 23
John Donohoe 3 27  v     Aidan Travers 0 15
Raymond O’ Neill 3 33  v      Kieran Lancaster 1 20
Chris Turner 3 32  v      Billy Molloy 1 28


13 143


6 116

Spring squash league will be starting around the middle of January.
Hope to see all involved again and new players always welcome.