Garden talk in Askamore next Tuesday – The Spring Garden

Tuesday Feb 26th – 8pm in Askamore Activity Centre: Betty (Lancaster) Kehoe will give a practical talk on The Spring Garden
  • what to do now in the garden to maximise summer enjoyment
  • how to cut down on the maintenance of the garden
  • some ideas for colourful pots & containers
  • Raffle of plants

Come along for the information and the cuppa afterwards.


Askamore Spring Squash League Semi–Finals 2012

Monday 27th February 2012

Team F                                                                     Team C

John Harte (Capt)                  V                           Matthew O’Hara

Ger Turner                             V                           David Quinn

Noel Bergin                            V                           Padraig Bailey

John Donohoe                        V                          Willie Collins (Capt)

James Sullivan                       V                           Chris Turner


Tuesday 28th February 2012

Team A                                                                  Team E

Tom Breen                             V                           Richard Cosgrave

Mick Doran                             V                           Gerard Kinsella

Paul Radford (Capt)              V                           Paul Buttle

Raymond O’Neill                    V                          Raymond Lancaster(Capt)

Breda Turner                         V                           Paddy Whelan


Final takes place on Friday 2nd March 2012