Brains of Askamore Finals – Results

1st Quarter-Final: Kenny Windowfitters v Askamore Community Council – Kenny Windowfitters won by 1 up

2nd Quarter-Final: Vintage v 3 Wise Men – 3 Wise Men won by 3 and 2

3rd Quarter-Final: ACE v The Choir – Ace won by 2 up

4th Quarter-Final: The Well v Pat Donohoe Lime: Pat Donohoe Lime won by 2 up


1st Semi-Final: Kenny Windowfitters v 3 Wise Men – 3 Wise Men won 1 up

2nd Semi-Final: ACE v Pat Donohoe Lime – ACE won 2 up

Final: ACE v 3 Wise Men – ACE won 5 and 4

Brains of Askamore Table Quiz – Round 3 results

Great turn-out again of 14 teams last night saw an even closer contest with The Well coming out on top with 59 points out of a possible 60. 

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4 teams who scored 58 played off for the second qualifying spot on the night – Kilcavan Poker School, aka Byrne Videos, Pat Donohoe Lime, the Choir and the 3 Wise Men, wit the Choir team taking the 6th place.

There then had to be a further tie-break to separate out the qualifiers for 7th and 8th places and the final line-up is as follows:

Sunday night qualifiers: Askamore Community Council


Tuesday night qualifiers: Askamore Community Education (ACE)

                                         Kenny Windowfitters – holders

Thursday night qualifiers: The Well

                                           The Choir

                                           3 Wise Men

                                            Pat Donohoe Lime


Brains of Askamore Table Quiz – Round 2 results

Great turn-out of 14 teams last night saw a very close contest with Askamore Community Education (ACE)’s team and holders Kenny Windows both qualiying for the final on a score of 59 out of 60 points.

They will join the Vintage and Community Council teams from last Sunday night’s qualifiers.

Also from last night the team representing the Badminton Club are now leading the teams looking for 7th / 8th place finishes, with a score of 58 points.

There are 13 teams registered for the last qualifier on Thursday night, we can still squeeze in another team if you’d like to come along.

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