New benches in Le Chéile Park, Askamore

8 new benches have been added around the walkway in Le Chéile Park, including two situated beside the labyrinth.

These rustic benches offer places to take a rest, enjoy a read, sit quietly or just take in the beautiful views from the park.

Don’t forget that the lights in the park are on from 7am in the morning, and until 10pm at night, to allow people to walk or exercise safely in the darker winter hours.

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Le Chéíle Park – it’s YOUR park now!

From 5pm today, Le Chéile Park will be open to the community of Askamore.
It’s your park now – so come and enjoy it!
We still have some work to finish which will be ready for the official opening and blessing on Friday July 26th.
We really want people to use and enjoy the park and we have tried to keep rules and regulations to a minimum.
However, Askamore Community Council would like to emphasise that dogs are not allowed in the park, for everyone’s health and safety.
Also, there are no rubbish bins – what you bring in, you bring home with you!
Enjoy, and spread the word.

Come on in - the gate is open!

Come on in – the gate is open!

Invitation to Le Chéile Park

Invitation to Le Chéile Park 


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Volunteers for tonight’s planting in the park

The entire labyrinth was planted in just over an hour last night by our gang of volunteers – almost 500 ajuga plants. This time next year the plants should all have grown together, smothering the weeds and looking lovely with their little blue flower.

ajuga planted in labyrinth ajuga planted in labyrinth

For anyone who can make tonight, just bring a watering can and we’ll get you to water in the plants that were planted last night. If you come at 7.30, a half hour should do the whole planted section.

Thanks for your time and efforts. They are much appreciated.

Community park – gym, labyrinth and path, playground in background

Pics taken on Friday, March 1st

Park update

taking shape (2) (Small) taking shape (Small)

Progress in the Park

Even allowing for the wet and cold weather, there is good progress being made in our new community park.

The labyrinth, or meditative area, is being installed at the moment – the entrance was lined up with the midday sun before work began and, as if on cue, the sun came out to allow Labyrinth Ireland’s Tony Christie to set the correct position.

Read more about labyrinths here.

Labyrinth Day 1 – Wednesday January 30th


Labyrinth – Day 2 – Thursday, January 31st

Labyrinth – after Day 3 – Saturday, February 2nd