Talk on Ferns Tapestry

Stephanie Breen and Aileen Kavanagh gave a very interesting slideshow and talk on the tapestry on Tuesday last.

Stephanie did the art work for the tapestry and both Aileen and her mother Kathy Kavanagh were involved in stitching some of the 25 panels making up this work.

Stephanie Breen, Kathy and Aileen Kavanagh

Stephanie Breen, Kathy and Aileen Kavanagh

The Visitors’ Centre is open from end of May to end of September from 10a.m. to 6p.m., seven days a week. Guided tours of the adjacent Castle are given daily by enthusiastic OPW staff.

For more information on the tapestry and when to see it visit here.

Askamore Memories

This morning saw the start of our new folklore / heritage group. This was set up in order to record the memories of those in our community who were born in the 1930s or earlier, and of course to give a social dimension to the gathering, with a cuppa and a chat. First attendees were sisters Cathy Kavanagh of Bolinrush and Mary Gregan of Castlewhite. They spoke vividly of their memories of school days, with the topic being prompted by Davy Donohoe.

The outcomes of this project will see the taped work being typed up and possibly used in a future publication. Other options would be using part of the taped  conversations in the proposed new Askamore Heritage Centre, or using snippets online on this website.

The next topics are The Big Snow of 1947 and The Emergency, and the next meeting will take place on Thursday morning, June 7th at 10.15.

If you have stories to tell on these or other such topics, please come along, or encourage members of your family to join us for what promises to be an interesting and worthwhile project.