Irish People who worked in the United Kingdom could be eligible for UK Winter Fuel Payment if they apply online on or before 31st March 2013

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The Muintir na Tíre Community Alert programme wishes to highlight that many Irish people returned from a lifetime of work in the UK could be eligible for the UK Winter Fuel Payment Allowance – even if they did not receive the payment while living in the UK.

The UK Winter Fuel Payment Allowance is already paid to thousands of eligible Irish people who moved back to Ireland from the UK and had already been receiving the payment while living there. Up to last year, these monies were only paid to Irish people who essentially transferred their Winter Fuel Payments from the UK to Ireland.

However, following a ruling by the European Court of Justice in 2012, the qualifying criteria can now be extended to returned Irish people who worked all their lives in the UK but did not avail of the allowance when living there.“This significant ruling means eligible Irish people who did not apply for the payment before leaving the UK may now claim while living in Ireland if they meet the qualifying criteria.

To be eligible for this fuel payment, the only requirement is that a claimant was born on or before July 5th, 1951 and have a genuine and sufficient link with the UK. Undoubtedly, many Irish people can easily prove they have lived or worked in the UK for most of their working lives. “Irish and other nationalities in similar circumstances are eligible for these payments under European law, where some benefits acquired in one Member State must be paid to people who live outside that State, but within the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland. As a consequence, Winter Fuel Payments were extended to former UK residents – including Irish people – living elsewhere in the EEA and Switzerland if they qualified for a payment before leaving the UK. The payment varies from €115 to €350 tax free.

WARM Project

If you or a family member are in receipt of a Fuel Allowance AND own your own home, you may be entitled to have your house insulated free of charge.

The Warm Project – Energy Efficient Homes for the Community

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The Warm Project provides a range of energy saving measures, which includes attic and cavity wall insulation, draught proofing of doors and windows, lagging jackets for hot water cylinders and cold water storage tanks, low energy light bulbs and energy advice.

This service is available to people who own their own homes and are in receipt of a fuel allowance from the Department of Social Protection. If you think you meet the above criteria and would like to avail of the services described above we would appreciate if you could complete the Application Form which you can download here. Please print out the form, fill it in and post it back to The Warm Project, Green Street, Wexford. Please supply evidence that you are in receipt of a fuel allowance with your completed Application Form. When we have received your completed form we can arrange for a surveyor to call to your home.

More information here.

If you require any further information or clarification regarding the above or assistance in completing the form, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

The Warm Project
Green Street
Tel: 053 9160752
Fax: 053 9174030

Download an application form click here