5-year Plan Launch

Askamore’s 5-year plan is being made public tonight – 8pm in the Activity Centre. Come along to hear the results of the recent survey, and how those results are to become reality in the local area. Also visiting us tonight is John Hogan, the national president of Muintir na Tíre, under whose auspices the local Community Council is set up. This is his first visit locally.John Hogan, national president, Muintir na Tíre

Following tonight’s launch of the plan, the document will be available online.

We hope to see you at the launch tonight – please come, and bring family and friends for this exciting event in Askamore’s history.

Community Council 5-year plan – final consultation

The outline of the proposed 5-year plan was made available to the public in the Old School House over the last 2 days, to allow locals to make any further suggestions on the plan.

The completed plan will be presented to the public next Friday, May 11th at 8pm in the Activity Centre, Askamore. All are welcome.

Community Council 5-year Plan – public consultation

Prior to the official launch of the new 5-year plan, locals are being asked to have a final say about the ideas as proposed in the recent survey, and see if there are any further ideas they would like to add.
With this in mind, there will be a presentation of the main points of the plan in the School House Bar after both masses on Saturday and Sunday, May 5th and 6th, for an hour. There will also be a suggestion box for any ideas, and members of the council will be there to answer any questions.
The launch of the plan is to take place in the Activity Centre on Friday, May 11th, and all are invited to attend.

Askamore Community Council – survey

Askamore Community Council – survey
The survey, which will try to find out the opinions of people in the half-parish of Askamore on the various elements of the draft 5-year plan has been distributed to every household within the past few days by members of Askamore Community Council.

The surveys will  be collected by next Monday, January 16th, and the data collated and compiled confidentially to form the basis of the new plan for the area for the next 5 years.

Please fill in the survey and give your honest opinions on the questions, so that we can get a true picture of how the community wants to develop.

The survey may also be left in the postbox of the Activity Centre, behind the Childcare in Askamore.

Askamore 5-year plan survey

Askamore Community Council is in the process of distributing a survey to each of the almost 300 households in the Askamore half-parish area. This is in an attempt to involve as many as possible locally in the future of Askamore.

The 3-page survey includes questions on how locals use the facilities available, such as the hall and the new Activity Centre, and also how they would like to see the area develop in the next 5 years.

Some of the initiatives proposed  are the re-opening of a small shop locally, the development of the garden space behind the church, and the promotion of Askamore and the north Wexford area generally as an area of heritage. People are also being asked to give their own thoughts and comments on any or all aspects covered by the survey.

The survey has been professionally developed by Rural Development Officer Dr. Yvonne Byrne, working with the 17-strong members of the Community Council. Yvonne will collate the confidential responses, and present them publicly later in 2012. These responses will form the basis for the next Askamore 5-year plan.

Members of the Council will distribute and collect the survey in the coming days, as the final date for completing the survey is Monday, January 16th. This is an exciting time for the development of resources locally and it is hoped that there is a strong response to the survey.