Tidy Towns

Local interest in the Tidy Towns competition began when a committee formed in 2001, with a first entry in 2002.

This very good showing encouraged an entry in the Keep Wexford Beautiful competition in August 2003, when Askamore was awarded first prize for best village in Wexford.

Gradually, areas of the village were tackled and refurbished or renovated. Work on the old school house began in July 2005., and the following year the Childcare received an award for Best Commercial Environment award in the Wexford County Council awards.

The Blue School was completed in time for the 2007 Environment awards, in which it received first place.

Tidy Towns


This is a great tribute to the work of the volunteer committees who have undertaken this work over the past 10 years.

Over the years, planting was undertaken at various areas around the village, and the summer plantings and baskets are a joy to behold.

Tidy Towns marks

2002 194
2003 197
2004 202
2005 209
2006 210
2007 218
2008 228
2009 225
2010 234

In 2007, a very exciting project was finally decided on, following many years of discussion within Tidy Towns and the Community Development Group. The grotto was finally to go ahead with the help of various local communinity support and with the financial backing of the vintage club, who offered to organise a tractor run to fund the project. Donations from parishioners also poured in, work began in January 2008 and all work was done by volunteers.

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The Grotto was officially blessed and declared open on August 15th, 2008, by Frs. Joe Power and Barry Ffrench.

2 thoughts on “Tidy Towns

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  2. Dear Sir or Madam

    My name is Patrick McNamara and I am writing to you today, firstly to congratulate you on the fantastic work you and your fellow community members have carried out in your town to make it worthy to take part in the annual Tidy Towns Competition.
    The reason for my email is to inform you of two services my company provides; one is the refurbishment of roof tiles and slate, and the other is the removal of moss from roof, walls, and drive ways.
    The first I mentioned can be viewed at http://www.rainbowroofing.ie.
    Regarding the Moss removal there is to date no website available. For this reason I would like to give you a brief description on what we can do for you.
    Roofs, we can remove moss, black staining which is an Algae, and lichen all of which are removed without any form of power washing and kept at bay for a number of years.
    Exterior walls, can suffer from black, red and green Algae, these marks are unsightly and will continue to grow if not treated.
    Drive ways and paths, can also suffer from the above mentioned black, red and green Algae, and apart from being unsightly can also be a hazard when wet, most of the discoloration is an algae and the surfaces can be returned to their former condition.
    Community buildings like Churches, which are the main focal point of the town, Schools one of the main gathering points in the town, and even monuments that have some important meaning to the town can all be moss and Algae and stain free.
    Thank you for your time in reading this email. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to call me on 0877730770 or alternative send me a short email with any query.

    With kind regards
    Patrick McNamara

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