Photographic Journal

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For further information on the forthcoming photographic journal, click here.

4 thoughts on “Photographic Journal

    • You’re more than welcome Paddy. Glad you enjoyed them. We’ll let people know through the blog when the Photographic Journal is being published, so you can get lots more memories. Or do you have any photos you could share with the journal editors?

  1. My grandfather was born in Dublin in 1832 and came to Canada in the mid-19th century. Most of the family ended up in Michigan and we are still here. The Irish comes through the generations in that my granddaughter has bright blue eyes and flaming red hair. Just retired and have traveled for business to the far corners of the world. Always flying over Ireland. We plan to plan our first trip to Ireland in 2017 with the granddaughters. Other family names include Sullivan, Boston, and Kelly. Looking forward. Regards, Michael Kidd

    • Lovely to hear from you Michael, and the connection with the Askamore area is very strong. A local journal of photographs and articles is being published tomorrow night, December 18th and there is a small mention of the Kidd family in it. I will post it online at a later date. Happy Christmas to you and all the Kidd family.

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