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The purpose of Foróige is to enable young people to involve themselves consciously and actively in their own development and in the development of society.

Askamore Foróige Youth Club

Askamore Foróige was founded in 1996. Over the years the club has catered for the needs of many young people in the community. The club meets every Wednesday night in Askamore community centre from 7:30-9pm. New members are always welcome. Members form their own committee to enable them to run their own club supported by adult leaders. 

Committee 2011 / 2012 are as follows:

Chairperson: Ciara Doyle

Secertary: Dean Austin

Treasurer: Jordan Doyle

PRO: Daniel O’Hara

John Doyle and Stephen Kehoe are also committee members.

Leaders:  Anne Potignano (087 633 9682), Kevin Kenny and Mari Gregan (086 6099 729)

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