Another School Pic – help needed


Lorcan Higgins final school (Custom)

After the huge response to our last Askamore Photographic Journal help request, here is another school pic that people might be able to help us with.

It’s a Carnew Vocational school pic from c. 1970.

Can you help us identify people please? There’re only 130 in this picture!

Help with School Pic please.

This is one of the over 1000 pics which will be included in the upcoming Askamore Photographic Journal.

We need help with identifying some of the children in this pic. Also if anyone can confirm the year – we think it’s 1981. It may take a little while for the picture to load as it’s in higher resolution than other pics on this site.

If you know them can you please respond to the post on by clicking on the speech bubble and posting your comment, or leaving a comment on the facebook page.

Thanks in anticipation.