Weekly Church Newsletters 2013


(To see archived newsletters, please click here for 2011, here for 2012.)

Askamore Jan 6th       Kilrush Jan 6th

Askamore Jan 13th      Kilrush Jan 13th

Askamore Jan 20th      Kilrush Jan 20th

Askamore Jan 27th       Kilrush Jan 27th

Askamore Feb 3rd        Kilrush Feb 3rd

Askamore Feb 10th      Kilrush Feb 10th

Askamore Feb 17th      Kilrush Feb 17th

Askamore Feb 24th       Kilrush Feb 24th

Askamore March 3rd      Kilrush March 3rd

Askamore Mar 17th

Askamore March 24th       Kilrush March 24th

Askamore 7th April      Kilrush 7th April

Askamore 14th April      Kilrush 14th April

Askamore 21st April      Kilrush 21st April

Askamore Apr 28th       Kilrush Apr 28th

Askamore May 5th      Kilrush May 5th

Askamore May 12th     Kilrush May 12th

Askamore May 19th      Kilrush May 19th

Askamore May 26th      Kilrush May 26th

Askamore June 2nd      Kilrush June 2nd

Askamore June 9th      Kilrush June 9th

Askamore June 16th      Kilrush June 16th

Askamore June 23rd      Kilrush June 23rd

Askamore June 30th      Kilrush June 30th

Askamore July 7th       Kilrush July 7th

Askamore July 14th      Kilrush July 14th

Askamore July 21st      Kilrush July 21st

Askamore July 28th       Kilrush July 28th

Askamore August 4th       Kilrush August 4th

Askamore August 11th       Kilrush August 11th

Askamore 18th August       Kilrush August 18th

Askamore Aug 25th      Kilrush Aug 25th

Askamore Sept 1st      Kilrush Sept 1st

Askamore Sept 8th       Kilrush Sept 8th

Askamore Sept 15th      Kilrush Sept 15th

Askamore Sept 22nd      Kilrush Sept 22nd

Askamore Sept 29th      Kilrush Sept 29th

Askamore October 6th      Kilrush October 6th

Askamore October 13th      Kilrush October 13th

Askamore October 20th      Kilrush October 20th

Askamore October 27th      Kilrush October 27th

Askamore November 2013   Kilrush November 3rd

Askamore November 10th      Kilrush November 10th

Askamore Nov 17th      Kilrush Nov 17th

Askamore Nov 24th      Kilrush Nov 24th

Askamore Dec 1st      Kilrush Dec 1st

Askamore Dec 8th        Kilrush Dec 8th

Askamore Dec 15th      Kilrush Dec 15th

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