Weekly Church Newsletters 2011

Askamore Sept 18th 2011        Kilrush Sept 18th 2011
Askamore Sept 25th 2011        Kilrush Sept 25th 2011
Askamore Oct 2nd 2011         Kilrush Oct 2nd 2011
Askamore Oct 9th 2011          Kilrush Oct 9th 2011
Askamore Oct 16th 2011         Kilrush Oct 16th 2011
Askamore Oct 23rd 2011         Kilrush Oct 23rd 2011

Askamore Oct 30th 2011          Kilrush Oct 30th 2011

Askamore 6th Nov 2011          Kilrush Nov 6th 2011

Askamore 13th Nov 2011          Kilrush Nov 13th 2011

Askamore 20th Nov 2011          Kilrush Nov 20th 2011

Askamore 27th Nov 2011          Kilrush Nov 27th 2011

Askamore 4th Dec 2011           Kilrush Dec 4th 2011

Askamore 11th Dec 2011            Kilrush Dec 11th 2011

Askamore 18th Dec 2011             Kilrush Dec 18th 2011

2 thoughts on “Weekly Church Newsletters 2011

    • Hi Kathleen,
      Yes, 2013 newsletters are under the Askamore in Print tab – under Weekly Church Newsletters.
      Askamore PATRON MASS will be held on Sunday June 2nd @ 1.30pm
      Tea/Coffee will be served in the Hall, also there will be a cake Stall / Bouncing Castle for the kids.

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