Photographic publication

At the moment, a group is working on gathering photographs of relevance to Askamore and its environs, with a cut-off date of 1980.

If you have any suitable pictures, on any topic, in reasonably good condition, and the associated information, the photographic group would be delighed to hear from you.

The committee consists of Eamonn Doran, Burrow; Paddy Byrne, Kiltilihane; Davy Donohoe, Brideswell Big.

Publication date is likely to be mid-2012.

Above is a very small sample of some of the pictures for the publication.

5 thoughts on “Photographic publication

    • In a way, these are a bit of a teaser – an ad for the main event which will be the publication later next year. But we’ll get the information on these pics up before the end of the month. Thanks for your comment.

  1. very interesting, i’m very interested in the past perhaps a story should be written beneath each photo to describe every detail about each photo. best of luck with it. we may have old photos of my fathers father and uncles and aunts that lived below, i’ll look them up.

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