Askamore Choir

The present Askamore Choir was formed in 1973. The original harmonium which was in the church had fallen into disrepair, and in 1973 Arthur and Florence Quinn of Dunishal first of all loaned a small organ to the church for Eamonn Doran to play and subsequently sponsored a new organ for St. Brigid’s Church in 1975.  This organ was used for almost thirty years, until Fr. Don Kenny raised funds for a new organ which is currently in use and is still being played by Eamonn Doran who is the resident organist for the Choir now for over 38 years.

 During the 1980s Askamore Choir were involved with four masses in RTE which were celebrated in RTE by Fr. Frank Barron C.C., R.I.P.   During the early 90s  the choir also recorded a tape “Askamore Sings”  to capture the wealth of talent in the area at the time.  The choir continue to sing weekly in Askamore and for Church celebrations including funerals, and are occasionally requested to sing at occasions outside of the parish. New members are always welcome.

The only requirement of course is that they can sing in tune!

2011: Choir Regular Members:  Anne Sheridan, Jacinta Kavanagh, Mary Jo Byrne, Margaret Nolan, Celia Nolan, Maria Tomkins,  Angela Morris, Mairead Byrne, Gillian Byrne,  Frances Higgins, Lorna Doran, Eilish Sheridan, Julie Anne Quinn, Lisa Nolan,  Joe O’Loughlin, Stephen Ellis, Enda Morris, Eamonn Kinsella and Seamus Doran. Organist:  Eamonn Doran    Choir Mistress: Mary Doran

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