Photos from our Autumn 2011 nights in Askamore Activity Centre

Askamore Community Education – ACE – was set up when the work of the refurbishment of the 2nd squash court was coming to an end, in September 2010.

The aim of this group is to ensure that the new facilities in the Activity Centre are used to their maximum potential, and that anything organised and run there is for the benefit of the community of Askamore.


ACE began getting people to attend a series of talks and demonstrations, although the first series  was interrupted by the persistent snow of late 2010. As more and more people attended these Tuesday nights, they were also asked to suggest some ideas for further classes, talks, demonstrations – anything which would help use the premises, entertain, amuse or teach locals something, and generate a small income, enough to pay the bills.

ACE’s first venture was the Lifestyle Challenge 2010 / 2011.  Most of the speakers were locals who gave of their time and expertise freely to the community. This is very much appreciated by the committee of ACE and by the local community.

Lifestyle Challenge brochure 2011


Among the classes held in ACE’s first year of operation were:

Gentle Yoga (4 sets of classes with Siobhán Rice as tutor)


Digital Photography

Parenting Course

As ACE begins its 2nd year of operation, there’s a full course of talks, demonstrations, films and classes already in place up to Christmas. These again take place on a Tuesday night, with the added incentive of a cup of tea and a chat upstairs in the new meeting room. Take a look at our autumn Schedule here.

Autumn 2011 in Askamore

ACE have applied for a grant to buy computers and other equipment which will allow classes to be held in the Activity Centre. These will again be geared towards locals, and will be advertised as soon as the computers are in place.

There will be a Set Dancing class beginning in early November, 2011

Both rooms in the newly refurbished Activity Centre are available for local community meetings at no cost, although a donation towards heating would be appreciated.

When the new equipment becomes available in November 2011, both rooms will be available as state-of-the-art meeting and conference facilities. If you would like to hire the rooms for any purpose, please contact any of the following who make up the committee of ACE:

Mari Gregan – 086 6099 729

Claire Gregan – 086 3895 662

Stephen Ellis – 087 224 6497

Paddy Byrne – 087 2310 688

Mary Donohoe – 086 16 333 41


ACE at Work 

Last season we ran the 13 week Lifestyle Challenge, which got members of the community into the habit of getting together each Tuesday night.  We started and ended by feeling the pulse of the community – literally.  It must have been a high pressure starting session, because at least one person benefitted from the health check.  Other sessions included Yoga, Meditation, Handling Stress, Budgeting, and Walking for Fitness.  As well as getting together for tea and chat afterwards, we learned how to keep our distance from each other – when driving.  ACE regards the social part of these evenings as just as important as the contents of each session.

From these beginnings, you asked for some regular Yoga classes which were provided, and were well attended.  The parents of young children set up a Mother and Toddler group, with Mairead Dee doing a lot of the organisation.  This followed from a “Learning with your Children” course, which didn’t achieve as much as we had hoped.  You asked for a class about calligraphy, and a short course was run;  some of us managed to improve our penmanship, with Ann Gilbert being an accomplished scribe.

For those who stuck the pace, we had an amusing and fitting talk about “Fit Walking”, and some of us got interested in a exercise known politely as “hip over”.  We also learned about the value of using “Fittlesticks” for extra support when walking.

This season, Father Denis Kelly started the sessions, and talks about colour coordination and herbal products were included.  Aidan Doyle gave a pictorial history of the way television has changed, and explained about the switch from analogue to digital TV next year.  You asked for Set Dancing classes, and they have just started.

At long last, we have received the grant for computers, so we will start classes shortly.  Please let us know what you would like us to teach, and how skilled you are already. 

Above all, keep up the suggestions about what you want, so that we can use the centre to meet your needs.

Glad you found us-tell us what you think

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