Askamore Journal 5

With some gentle persuasion and some not-so-subtle hints, a working group of Askamore Community Council is planning the fifth edition of Askamore Journal.

The editorial committee are now seeking photographs from earliest times up to and including the year 2000, of any occasion, topic or event – weddings, communions, school groups, weather extremes, sport, etc etc. Any photograph within the period on any subject will be welcome.

Also being sought are poems, articles, or any text on the general area which would reflect a slice of life in the 20th century.

Memorial cards up to the present time are particularly welcome.

Please contact any of the following if you would like to contribute in any way:

James Doran – 087 2721028; Paula Mulroe – 086 8759824; Ann Potignano – 087 6339682; Alison Bayne – 053 9414543; Mary Cahill – 087 1348760; Paddy Byrne – 087 2310688; Davy Donohoe – 086 0820146

This is a great idea for our community and for the future generations of Askamore. Please have a look inside attics, cupboards, old books & photo albums to see what you or your family can contribute to the journal.

Glad you found us-tell us what you think

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