Askamore Qi – this weekend – invitation to meditation

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Dr Elizabeth Jordan will begin her Askamore Qi weekend by hosting a healing meditation on Friday next, January 5th from 7.30 to 9.00 pm in Askamore Activity Centre.

Elizabeth has offered this meditation to the local community to, in her own words, “honour the memory of Eamonn O’Neill”. Elizabeth is related to Eamonn and was a great friend of his, greatly saddened by his recent passing, as is the local community of Askamore.

The healing meditation is free to everyone in the local community to attend. There will be a box for donations to the work of the local community, at Elizabeth’s  generous suggestion, and with the kind agreement of the O’Neill family.

We look forward to seeing lots of people of all ages at this healing meditation, the start of our weekend-long Qigong course.

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