Community Council Election 2017 – please vote

Askamore Community Council members are elected by those members of the local community who are over 18. They then serve for a three-year term. The term of the present council is now coming to an end, so we are asking you to once again participate in electing the new council.

The Askamore half-parish is divided into 4 areas for the purposes of the election, with 3 people being elected from each of the 4 clustered areas, making a Community Council of 12 people, with the possibility of co-opting up to 6 further people as new projects are undertaken locally.

An envelope containing ballot papers and a list of eligible members from your area for you to choose from is being distributed by Council members this week. Everyone in your household over 18 is entitled to vote and everyone over 18 is eligible to be on the Community Council. If there is anyone else living fulltime in the area and not included on this list they may be entitled to a vote and to be included on the list. Please add them to the list and let us know for future reference.

We ask you to participate in your local community by voting in this election, and ensuring that the wellbeing of the community of Askamore continues to be well served by another dynamic and representative Community Council.

On behalf of Askamore Community Council, thank you for keeping alive and helping to promote the great community spirit of Askamore.

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