Litter on the Hill Road – your help needed

Environment Section of Wexford County Council directly – 053 91 96475

farm gate at first bend up hill GPS 52.669733 -6.481374 (Small) (Mobile)

Farm Gate at first bend up Hill Road GPS 52.669733 -6.481374


Gortland's gate GPS 52.661041 -6.483003 (Small)

Gortland’s Gate GPS 52.661041 -6.483003

Kidd's Gate GPS 52.658507 -6.482334 (Small) (Mobile)

Kidd’s Gate (left and right) GPS 52.658507 -6.482334


Coast view gate top of hill GPS 52.65758 -6.478209 (Small) (Mobile)

Coast View Gate top of hill on right-angled bend GPS 52.65758 -6.478209


Following a recent meeting with Cliona Connolly, Environment Officer with Wexford County Council and Peter Byrne, manager of waste disposal in the county, the worse areas for fly-tipping on the hill road have been identified.

If you come across litter on the hill, please contact the Environment Section of Wexford County Council directly – 053 91 96475 – and inform them where the litter is. For this reason, each of the gates on the way up the hill has been named, so that the Environment Section will know exactly where the tipping has occurred.  They will then come to collect the litter. GPS co-ordinates are also provided.

Starting from the trailhead at the carpark, the first gate on the first bend going up the hill is designated as the Farm Gate.

The next gate is the one above the cottage and is called Gortland’s Gate.

The next openings are left and right, and they are Kidd’s Gate.

The gate at the very top on the right-angled bend is down as Coast View Gate.

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