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Askamore Community Council Newsletter August 2015

At recent meetings of Askamore Hall committee and Askamore Community Council, preliminary plans were made for a series of events to take place following the proposed insulation and significant upgrading of the Community Centre main hall.

Among the fundraisers are stock-rearing by local farmers, an idea which has received a very positive reception. There are already upwards of 15 signed up and this will be a two-year scheme of financing our debt. For those who are not in a position to rear stock, they will be asked to supply services of any or all types, which will then be auctioned with proceeds going also to Hall funds. The third leg of this fundraising venture will be a major auction each of the next two years of various donated and sponsored goods, at dates to be announced. It is hoped that these three ventures will raise significant funds without putting people under huge pressure financially.

For further details of or to sign up to the Stock venture, please contact Tom Buttle snr, Aileen Kavanagh, Andy Kehoe, James Tomkins or Paddy Byrne.

Insulation to SEAI standards (they are grant-aiding approx. 50% of the work) will begin in the main Hall on September 1st and all should be completed by the end of the month.

A social dance evening will take place on November 6th to relaunch the hall after its insulation facelift, and this night will also be used as an opportunity to honour the contribution of the Hall Trustees of the past 35 years.

Social dancing as an ongoing event is being investigated at present. There are other events in the pipeline to ensure the newly-insulated Hall will be used to its full potential.

The Big Breakfast will take place in Le Chéile Park on Sunday, August 30th – this fundraiser helps towards the costs of the park.

Féile le Chéile accounts 2015 – funds day-to-day maintenance of Askamore Community Centre and running costs of Askamore Community Council.

Féile 2015 ran from July 12th to 19th this year. Income from table quizzes (29 teams) which included raffles on 4 nights, the Family Fun Night on the Wednesday night, the children’s disco on the Friday night and the Car Treasure Hunt (17 cars) on the Saturday night amounted to €1,832. Expenses were various prizes for quizzes, raffles and Treasure Hunt amounted to €331 with other costs – photocopying, DJ for disco, advertising signage and medals – coming to €173, giving total expenses of just over €500. This gave a profit for Féile 2015 of €1327.

Classes offered in Askamore: Social Dancing every Tuesday night with Eddie from 8.30-10.30, €3. Set Dancing on Wednesday nights 8-10 pm with Paddy Wade, €8. Pilates on Wednesday mornings, 9 -10 am with Declan Kinsella, followed by Fitness Class in Le Chéile Park or Activity Centre, weather dependent. Children’s Irish Dancing class – Saturday mornings. Guitar / Ukulele classes beginning for children in September – see Church newsletter and Askamore website / Facebook for details. Computer and other classes will be organised later in year. If there’s a class you’re interested in, please let a member of the Council know and we’ll see what can be done.  Please support your local classes in order to ensure they can keep going locally.

Askamore Community Council Members 2014 – 2017

Aileen Kavanagh, Jim Martin, Willie Murphy, Brian Buttle, Paddy Byrne, Seán Byrne, James Tomkins, Stacy Gilbert, Joe Kenny, Davy Donohoe, Mick Dee, PJ Nolan, Owen Doyle, Larry Butler, Enda Morris, Paula Mulroe

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