Forget Me Not ChristmasTree

Forget-me-not Christmas bauble AskamoreRemember your loved ones wherever they may be this Christmas. Deceased, abroad, pets, sick or in hospital or indeed any intentions during the Christmas season.

Personalise your bauble with a message, and hang them on the Forget Me Not Tree in Askamore Church.

A mass will take place for all names on the baubles on Sunday 23rd December 2012.

Available from 15th November 2012. One bauble €3 or two baubles for €5

Baubles are available in shops in Carnew, Bunclody, Craanford and in Askamore Childcare Centre.

1 thought on “Forget Me Not ChristmasTree

  1. This is rather an insensitive way to raise money, I would think Christmas is a difficult time, when you miss someone, without seeing their name up on a Christmas tree decoration.
    Even the name forget-me-not. Who forgets!
    Fund raising in this way is in poor taste

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