Hurling Practice Match

Ballyroebuck Wednesday July 18th – 7.30 pm

Referee: Padraig Byrne 

Askamore   3-17            Shamrocks     0-19

David Owens

David Travers                        Frank Lancaster (Capt)                Tomás Hayden

Colm Buttle                            Patrick  Nolan                 Martin Hayden                             

Tommy Ruth 0-01                   James Lancaster 0-01 

 Shane Tomkins                Gary Doran                     Conor Levingstone  

1-03, 1-0 free                       1-02                                      0-04, 2 frees   

Colin Sunderland 0-01                Billy Nolan 0-02                 Frank Boggan 1-01

                   John Byrne 0-02 for Billy Nolan

                   Muiris Ruth for Davy Owens         

                   Eoin Murphy for Martin Hayden

                   Ted Kinsella for Frank Boggan

                   Lorcan Higgins for Tommy Ruth

                   Dwayne Smith for Conor Levingstone

                   Brian Hayden

                    Raymond Lancaster (Work)

                   Padraig Byrne (Work)

                   Tommy Devereux (Work)

                   PJ Nolan (Injured)

                   John Harte (Sick)

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