Practice Match Ballyroebuck Sunday 4th March 2012

Referee: Dickie Murphy

Askamore 2-14     Oylegate 4-08


                                             David Owens

 Tommy Deveraux            Frank Lancaster(Capt)           David Travers 

 Martin Hayden                 Patrick Nolan                           Colm Buttle

                      Tomás Hayden             James Lancaster( 0-01)

Padraig Byrne(0-04)          Gary Doran(0-01)                  Tommy Ruth

Ted Kinsella                  Matty Boggan(2-00)             Conor Levingstone(0-08)

                                                                                      0-04(frees), 0-02 (65s), 0-02 (play)

                    Colin Sunderland for Tommy Ruth (Injured)

                   Brian Hayden for David Owens

                   Eugene Sheridan for Ted Kinsella

                   Alan Owens for Conor Levingstone


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