Askamore Hall Refurbishment Committee – update on fundraising & €1000 prize!

This committee set out two years ago to raise €50,000 to pay for the the soon to be refurbished 2nd squash court, and to turn it into an activity room downstairs, with a meeting room upstairs.

It was decided to approach all adults locally, and ask then to commit to a payment of €240 over the next 2 years. Over 170 committed, with some paying the amount upfront, some in installments, and others agreeing to set up direct debits to the Refurbishment committee.

To encourage people to commit to this fund, there was an initial prize of a weekend away in Ireland, and this was won in August 2009 by Bridget Keane of Munny.

As a final thank-you to people who pay up the full €240, there is a prize of €1000. The final direct debit will be paid in November this year, and all the names will then go into the draw for the €1000.

It’s not too late to have your name included in the draw!

If you would like to help the Refurbishment Committee pay off the outstanding debt on the Activity Centre, please contact a member of the committee, whose names you’ll find here.

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