Askamore Community Alert “Bottle in the Fridge” Campaign

Askamore Muintir na Tíre Community Alert host their AGM next Tuesday night, November 29th at 8pm in the Activity Centre, Askamore.

On this night they will also be launching their new campaign – the bottle in the fridge.

The ‘Bottle in the Fridge’ is an initiative whereby people store their medical information in a specially marked bottle in their fridge in case of emergency and is particularly targeted at older/vulnerable householders and those with a medical condition who live on their own.

The bottle contains a basic medical information form which the holder has completed, along with green and white Emergency Services Stickers which are unique to the scheme.

Forms are completed, sealed in the special bottle and placed in the fridge (as fridges are commonplace in the majority of homes and provide good insulation in the event of a fire.) One of the Emergency Service Stickers is placed inside your front door where it is easily visible and this indicates to the emergency services the presence of emergency medical Information for the home owner.

Askamore Community Alert has decided to give one of these bottles to every home in the half parish of Askamore, with the hope that they will be put to use in all homes before Christmas.


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