Join us in Askamore!


Any pics that you’d like to share with us or any changes/corrections to be made –

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13 thoughts on “Join us in Askamore!

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your five year plan and I wish you all every success with it. It has been awhile since I visited Askamore and it will not be as long again , you all have brought life to your village again and I hope other villages follow your visions and determination. Well done.

  2. Wonderful to see the focus that you are bringing to the village of my husband’s ancestors. I have some old letters of reference and diaries from their trip over to Ohio in the USA. I’d love to scan and post them for your interest. Is there a contact person? We are also interested in coming to the dedication of the field and the labyrinth….is a date set as yet? We’d love to have you consider after July 25, 2013. Thanks for your dedication and good work!

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